Thursday, December 6, 2007

A December Update

This is such an interesting time of the year.

I have always liked observing people, and my parents always instilled a natural sense of curiosity in me. Here are some observations:

* Everyone seems a little more generous at this time of the year. I infer this from the greater number of tips in the tip jar at local businesses. I'm still not sure why that tip jar is there - after all, these individuals are not serving customers at a table. However, I feel obligated to put in a tip. This is especially true when it is a local business. Maintaining good relations seems important.

Can altruism ever truly be altruistic?

* Everyone is in a rush. It seems like traffic is heavier around shopping centers, and that people are trying to make it from one social obligation to another. Students are getting to the end of their semesters, and feeling the crunch. Teachers and professors are also feeling the crunch as they work to finalize grades. Everyone seems in a rush to get something finished, so that they can do something more.

* Some people seem to be able to relax a bit. Getting past the commercialism of the season appears important to a sub-set of people. Spending time with family and friends, taking time to be quiet, and enjoy the simple things in life are practiced on a regular basis.

So, while I hurry to get ready for various social events and gift-giving, I look forward to the days coming up in which I can sit for a few minutes, enjoy a slow cup of tea, and knit a bit. Until then, I will try to get a little bit of that in once in a while.

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